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3 Listing Do’s and Don’ts

Nothing sells a home faster than one that is well listed.  In today’s real estate market, many potential buyers are finding their homes through online marketing and basing many of their decisions on the listing portfolios that represent the property.  As the premier real estate agents for Coal Harbour, we would like to share the following guide for do’s and don’ts to listing your home.

  1. Do: Capture Your Home’s Selling Features

Make sure to focus on some of the key aspects and selling features of your home.  These include renovations or updates that you have made.  Pay particular attention to your bathroom as that is the first room that tends to be updated or upgraded and a real focal point for any potential buyer.

Other features that are a focal point in a Coal Harbour condo are the amazing views of Burrard Inlet and the North Shore Mountains.  These are incredible selling features.

  1. Don’t: Capture Yourself or your Flash

When you are capturing your home’s selling features, make sure that you do not capture yourself in the process.  Pay particular attention to where you are standing when you are photographing your home, especially in small spaces such as the bathroom – you do not want your image or the flash in your bathroom mirror.

  1. Do: Stage Each Room

You will want to have pictures of each room to give a full representation of your home, so take the time to stage and set each room before photographing it.  Some staging tips to attract potential buyers include:

  • Make sure that each room is well lit and clean.
  • Each room should be clutter free and really shows off the available floor space.
  • Explore different angles to show the true size of each room.
  1. Don’t: Stage the ordinary

When you are staging, it is so important that you are not just photographing your home in its everyday state.  You don’t want to photograph the ordinary, but rather the extraordinary.  Keep in mind that your listing photos are going to be the first impression and what attracts buyers to your home.  Other staging pitfalls you will want to avoid include:

  • Capturing your pet in your photos.
  • Photographing any unfinished rooms or run down spaces.
  • Posting dark listing photos that do not capture the essence of your home.
  1. Do: Play to the Season

Regardless of what season you are choosing to sell your home, it is a good idea to stage your home according to the season.  Table centerpieces, throws, pillows and blankets can all be quickly tailored to match the corresponding colours that are synonymous with any season.  A seasonal staged home should help to make your home stand out against all other competition.

 Don’t: Overplay Holiday Décor

On the opposite side of this coin, make sure to not overdo the holiday accents.  Like all other staging, remember that subtle hints are far better than a full blown holiday scene.  This is especially true if you are listing your home in and around holidays such as Christmas.  You may love the season but try to keep the holiday out of your listing photos.

These simple listing tips should help you put together an eye catching set of photographs.  A strong online listing portfolio is one of the surest ways to attract buyers.  A wide range of buyers will allow you to sell your home in a short time and at top dollar.  If you would like any more listing tips, please contact me today.

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